This is a Trending topic at the Moment & we want all Naijaloadites to also share their opinion on this important issue.

Let’s talk about this..

You decided to go out with your lover (Girlfriend/Wife) and then one of your old friend narrated how he met your girl, the good time they had together and every Negative things he knows about her to you.

Infact, this is what she specialized in during her University & NYSC period but she puts a stop to it when she got a good job with one of the Top Bank in Nigeria.

Now, You guys are married or currently dating with the intention of getting married very soon.

Here is our Question => If you find out your Wife or Wife to be is an Ex-Prostitute, What would you do?

We want to hear your Opinion & Decision on this matter. Someone needs to take decision based on your comments on Naijaloaded.

Drop your comments.

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