See The Photoshoot Of A Nigerian That Got The Attention Of Mercedes Benz


It’s no news that creativity abounds in Nigeria. First, it was with a Nigerian artist that draws the American comic art, Kelvin Hart, this time, we may be seeing a Nigerian being elevated to a new level.

A Nigerian photographer named Kasope did a photo-op shot for Mercedes Benz and he decided to try his luck by uploading it on his twitter page thereby calling for a retweet so that Mercedes Benz can see his work.

According to him, I did a campaign shoot for Mercedes Benz in Nigeria.

Enjoy this thread of images. Please retweet in hopes that they see it.

The retweets finally got the attention of the brand’s notice and they replied with Wow, you really have a talent.

Thanks for capturing these beautiful pictures of our stars, we love them!

Being a smart Naija guy that never dulls when opportunity beckons suggested to MB to offer him a contract for more of these photoshop, Mercedes Benz, of course, replied by sending him a DM… We want to assume things go on as we wish.

These are some of his photo shoot that got the attention of the world’s biggest brand in the automobile

See conversation;



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