When it comes to the Nigerian music scene, Victor AD most certainly doesn’t need an introduction. You’ve no doubt heard his hit single “Wetin We Gain” a few times.

The singer is the latest star to cover “Taylor Live Magazine,” and also speaking with them for their September issue. He had a lot to say about his career, growing up in Kirikiri, the inspiration behind ‘Wetin You Gain’ and lots more.

Read excerpts of his interview:

Q : Can you tell us about you in (3) sentences?

Ans: My name is Victor Adere, popularly known as Victor AD. I am a singer, songwriter and performing artiste.

Q : How has growing up at Kirikiri, Lagos, like? Has it impacted your musical skill or talents?

Ans: I grew up in both Kirikiri and Warri. Speaking on how growing up in these two places have affected me and my music, I guess all I can say is that the struggles and trials have been preparing me for the journey ahead.

Q : What got you into music?

Ans: I have always had a love for music, right from when I was a little kid.

Q : What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Ans: I feel the same way about any and all my songs. They are the best they can be, I mean it’s like having 3 kids, you can’t love anyone of them any less.

Q: Which musician would you like to collaborate with next? Why?

Ans: I’d welcome the idea of a collaboration from anyone doing good music.

Q : Do you have a mentor you look up to in Nigerian music industry?

Ans: I listen to and respect Jay Z, 2Face, Brymo, Lucky Dube and others.

Q : If you can have your fan remember one thing about you, what would it be?

Ans: If I can have my fan remember one thing about me it’d be how my music has impacted them and their lives positively.

Q : If you could be a car, which would you be and why?

Ans: LOL, no comment.

Q : How do you feel having finally acquiring one, was that to get back at the doubters?

Ans: What can I say? I thank God for everything.

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