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‘My Wife Is Dead’, Joint Account Holder Lies To Bank

Published by on July 21st, 2018.

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Let’s talk about “THE MERGE” of finance (or not). A lot of questions about money arise when two people are living together as a couple under the same roof and sharing the same bills. The decision to keep separate accounts or have all the bills and paychecks going into one joint account is different depending on each couple’s needs and wants.

Considering the fact that the major reason couples disagree is about money, this is a very important decision to make as a couple.

As a side note, it is interesting that the phrase “getting financially naked with your partner” is now becoming a thing. In our modern society, we appear to be very concerned and self-conscious about our money management skills.

There are a lot of things to think about when deciding between joint account or to have separate accounts – and of course the multitude of in-between options. Top Media Nigeria examine the view of our readers on couple finances being together or separate.


As for me, a couple finances should not be together.
The couple’s salaries will surely not be the same amount and they can’t spend money the same way. But if a couple wants their finances to be together then I will advise them to also have a separate account for themselves and the joint account should be for their children.
There is always lots of fight among those with joint account when one decide to take out of the money and give to his/her parents or siblings.


Well, I think they should have a separate account and also have an account together.
Personal accounts make them take care of personal needs and the joint account is for the kids, and family expenses. They should agree on the amount each of them will contribute to the joint account

So, I think a personal account is good but they can have an account together for the family.

YUSUF AMINA, UI undergraduate

It depends on the couple and their relationship.
If a couple feels that they can manage an account together without regret, then why not?
But if there is doubt or no trust, then it is advisable to manage their finances separately.


Couples finances should be separate.
Imagine couples having the same finance, one of thm migt be contributing less and could lead to a sort of insult from the other. Especially if the husband is contributing less. Men hates losing their headship position.

TAIWO ADISA, Photographer

As for me I would say yes, because they have become one. But in most cases you should understand the person you are married to. Everyone has flaws which cannot be denied. If he/she earns low, expect less. If high, still expect less so as to avoid quarrel. And the foundation matters to a lot – how they started.


It should be separate because it curbs lavish spending in the sense that both parties would not want to be found wanting.
If a couple operate joint finance, it may result to divorce if there is lack of trust.


They should be separate. Reason is being separate enhances self-respect between both parties and will aid non-tiring of both parties as this is a key factor to a long lasting relationship.

ADEOJO RIDWAN, a student of The Polytechnic Ibadan

Finances in couples life shouldn’t be done together. The male is said to be the bread winner of the home. It is every husband’s role to keep up with providing what is needed in the home.

I believe the two popular religions in Nigeria [Islam and Christianity] lay emphasis on the fact that husband should be the one handling the financial needs of the home. Husband is the head of the home and deserve to be treated as one. If finances starts to be split between wife and husband, the respect the husband is entitled to will start fading gradually.

I am not saying it is wrong for a wife to assist her husband financially, but I am saying meeting should not held between them on how to split financial needs of the home. The husband must see it as his duty to handle playing the financial role in the house and only see his wife helping out once in a while if she feels like.

ZULFAH YUSUF, a businesswoman

A couple finance must be together not separate .I’m talking from experience.

ADEOLA OLAMIDE, Lead City University undergraduate

Considering the revolution of the world and based on different real life stories of problems arising from couple’s finances being kept together, it is best for it to be separated.

ALABI KOLAWOLE, Self-employed

To me “No”. With the little knowledge I have and my exposure, I see that women are not patient and many of them only think and decide without deep and careful thought. Meanwhile, their behaviour and manner can destroy a man’s future plans – sometimes.

You can be updating your wife about things but not all….Take care and treat her well in order to be proud of her and you’d remain faithful to her. With that, life will easy for both of you.

SHUAIBU GODWIN, FUT Minna graduate

It should be together because it will help them to plan very well and as well checkmate and correct unhealthy spending. It equally unites them.


The standard is that the husband is the head of the family and responsible for all the duties and responsibilities of the family.
1. He needs not share this primary assignment with other partner. If not, he loses his authority as the head. It is just like a manager sharing authority with his subordinate.

Combining the finance will bring about each partner expecting what will be the other partner’s quota on any financial obligation in the family.

Naturally, women are supportive in nature – if honoured. They will naturally assist without being asked. If their money is not spent on the husband, it would be spent on the children or at least on procurement of home utensils that will make their home chores easier. This primarily is the responsibility of the husband to provide.

If the husband sees himself as the main provider of all, while the wife sees herself as a helper, they need not combine finances because naturally, each will perform his/her original role and the home will be in peace and harmony rather than counting scores and measuring the contribution of each other.


Finances can’t be together because responsibilities are different and our expenses are different.

SODIQ NURUDEEN, a UI undergraduate

I think couple finances should be separate in other not to cause problem. As a male, it is not even proper to be waiting for one’s wife consent before spending on anything.. Likewise, even if a male is earning less than his wife. If he is responsible, he will cater for the family without waiting for his wife. The wife can also earn money and use it to supplement what her husband is giving. Not that they will be contributing to the same purse. There won’t be liberty, which is paramount.


A couple should have separate finances and here my reasons:

1. In case of any disaster, the couple will still have something to fall back on.

2. In the event of separation/ divorce, the business may fold up.

3. It diminishes respect between the couple.


I don’t think they should have a joint primary account. Instead, we open a joint savings account for miscellaneous purpose, and home use.. or let’s say family ish.. we would agree on an amount each person is to put in it monthly, from our salaries, and it musn’t be the same because we can’t be paid equal salaries except in rare cases.

Each time I see this happen, it starts when couples fall deeply in love and start making bizarre decisions. And every single time, it ends badly.

It is usually the reason they end up being separated.

If you have access to your spouse’s account and can monitor how he expende his funds, you start asking questions that you wouldn’t ordinarily ask. And men don’t like to be challenged anyhow.
The worst case scenario is when the woman is earning more, the man might not be accorded due respect.
The man is the head of d family, so he needs to be in control. Using an account together means equal say between the hubby and wife which might translate to equal power in the house. There cannot be two captains in a ship.

ADEBAYO ADEOLA, a Youth Corp member serving in Kogi state

Yes, couple finances should be together. Since they are married, they become one and should be doing things together.

SADIQ KAYODE YUSUF, a Content Writer, Editor and Public Speaker

Separately. Joint for what?

Monetary responsibility should be distanced from love affairs.


Together for what? See this instance: A man and his wife operate a joint account. The man lied to us that the wife is late! The only saving grace for the woman was that on the account mandate, both have to sign, not either. He went as far as tendering fake death certificate of his wife. After investigation, the woman was called and she disclosed they have issues, that the bank should not worry.

YUSUF AYODUNNI, Admin Personnel at a production company

Separate. We never can tell, anything can happen. As we are thinking of good, we should also be thinking of bad. Moreover this present generation do not worth it at all.

What if the man marries another wife? You know women, we are not nice when it comes to money matters. There’s need for wisdom application here.

GEORGE AUDU, a Communicator

It’s not advisable and I can’t even do it. I would definitely have some financial assistances that my family members might need of which I might not want to relate with my spouse. Same thing applicable to her. EXCEPT, I have got personal account different from the joint one. Money issues disregard relationships. No matter how intimate such relationship could be, there are some issues that would generate that cannot be expressed now until one finds himself or herself in such case of joint account.

OJO OLORUNLEKE, a former Flying Eagles goalkeeper and Akwa United No. 1

Well, it depends on the level of their relationship and understanding as well as trust. But for me, being together is what I’ll support.


Togetherness is the best option.

Unhappy couple. CREDIT: Every Square Inch
AMINAT ADERINTO, OAU undergraduate

Separate, mainly because of unforseen eventualities and partly because each partner ought to handle his/her own finance. Anything could happen unexpectedly and joint account might become an obstacle. Imagine this scene *:* Hubby dies, family takes over his assets, probably dislike wife right from time. The wife would be left alone, to fend for herself.

Husband get into some kind of trouble/debt, and he makes use of all the finance including his wife’s. Where would that leave them?

Hubby starts cheating, making use of his & wife’s finance for side chick. And all the money got drained, leaving nothing.

Joint finance could lead to power tussle between the couple, mismanagement from one of them, complaint from the other over the mismanagement, et cetera.

IBRAHIM LAWAL, Card expert

Separate. The possibility of divorce can make joint finance an unending crises on separation.


It should be separate. But after marriage, they can come together.

SHUKURAH FOLALU, Anglo-Nigerian Welfare Association for the Blind

In my opinion I think it should be a separate. Because no matter how strong their love may be, the word called ‘fund’ can easily break them apart. But both of them should know their responsibilities.

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