The Flutterwave Task had the Housemates hunting treasures and diving into a pool to complete it. Team Payments Links consisting of Laycon and Ozo have won the Flutterwave Task with a cash prize of one million Naira.

Team Invoice consisting of Neo, Vee and Nengi came second and smiled to the bank with 500 thousand Naira. The Task saw the Housemates taking part in a treasure hunt for clue cards before proceeding to play a game of charades with the cards found and finally the Flutterwave Ball Pit Hunt.

BBNaija FlutterWave

First the hunt

The first stage was for each team leader to search for the cards hidden by the opposing teams. For 30 long minutes, they searched in every nook and cranny hoping to find the cards before the opposing team.

The search was mostly futile in the first few minutes as none of them found anything. At some point, Neo got suspicious of Dorathy believing she had re-hidden the card meant for his team that she had found during her search. He wasn’t the only one suspicious as Ozo and Neo were also suspicious of Neo.

Eventually, Neo emerged the lucky team leader who found all five of his team’s clue card first. Seeing Dorathy and Neo couldnt find all theirs, Biggie in his magnanimous self decided that the team leads be given hints about where their clue cards where hidden so everyone could have a level playing field.

BBNaija FlutterWave Task


With the cards found, the teams proceeded to play a game of charades. Team Store went first followed by Team Invoice and finally Team Payment Links. The game started a bit difficult till they realized they had the option of talking but not just saying the exact word r phrase and it was a smooth run from there.

BBNaija FlutterWave Task

The Pit Ball Hunt

Trikytee, Neo and Laycon were nominated by their respective teammates to dive into the ball pit in search of small Flutterwave boxes containing questions they had to answer with their teammates. It wasn’t that easy as the opposing team members were shooting at the Housemate searching for the boxes with water guns.

Another twist in this Challenge was that some of the boxes in the ball pit contained booby traps. Finding a box with booby trap meant the team had to take part in an obstacle course that came with five points on completion or five points deducted if they failed it.

Team Store was the first to find a booby trap and it was fun watching Dorathy complete it by bursting balloons with her behind.

Team Invoice and Team Payments Links went up next searching for boxes and answering them while tackling obstacle courses.

BBNaija FlutterWave Task

The result

For the first Task, Team Payments Links amassed a subtotal of 18 points while Teams Invoice and Store scored 15 points and 12 points respectively. In the second Task, Team Payment Links earned 101 points while Team Invoice and Store scored a subtotal of 82 and 75 points respectively. The total points for each team across the two tasks were as follow: Team Store 87 points; Team Invoice 97 points and Team Payments Links 119 points making them the winner.

This win adds to the long list of prizes the Housemates have already won in the House. Here’s hoping they secure even more wins before they all make their way out eventually.

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