The Nigerian born Top contender in Norway’s Got Talent has assured all Nigerians that he will put up an incredible show come Friday the 12th of May in the Semifinals of Norway’s Got Talent ( Norske Talenter). Appyday has disclosed to our source that he has been working very hard with his team in preparation for his next appearance in the Show. He promised that he will do his best and hopes that all Nigerians will vote for him so that he can get to the Finals. Unlike some other contestants in the Show, Appyday prefers to make original songs for each of his Performances instead of using songs from other known musicians. Our sources reveal that Appyday who loves children a lot will be performing a new song which he wrote for his son Elliot at the Semifinals. The song is titled “I Love My Baby”. And it presents a parent’s sacrificial love for own child. Appyday will be performing with over 10 children this time.

Our source recently got an interview with Appyday just a few minutes after one of his rehearsals sessions in preparation for his upcoming performance in the Semifinals on Friday May 12. Below is the interview:


1.       Tell us about yourself:

I am a singer and song writer. Was born in Nigeria but I moved to Norway after my studies in Nigeria. I have B.A Hons in Theatre Arts from Unilag as well as a PGD in Mass Communications also from Unilag. I am from Anambra State, and I grew up in a Godly Home. I have 5 Sisters and 2 brothers. They all live Happily in Nigeria. I am the only one that chose to live abroad.


2.       What were you up to before relocating to Norway?

Before I came to Norway I was an actor with Nollywood. I actually started acting while I was still in the University. The first production I was part of was the soap Opera “After The Storm “that was airing then on NTA network. I played an extra role in it and was paid 300 naira then. After that, I Miraculously got the lead role “Ogaga” in another soap opera “Royal Tears”. It was my Role in Royal Tears that got me some popularity back then. I featured in many other movies before I decided to start producing. I also founded Excellency Nigeria Children’s Theatre. I love children so much. It was a theatre house where I trained children in Drama and Music.


3.       Before you left Nigeria you were known in the Nollywood circle as Ogaga, and your artist  name as a gospel artist was “Emeka Thunder” following the success of your hit praise medly “Praise Thunder”. However, in Norway you are known as Appyday. Why the change of artist name?


I started again from the scratch, so it was necessary to rebrand. Moreover, in Nigeria I was a gospel artist but here I make world music. When I changed my music , I thought it best to also change my artist name. I chose the name “Appyday ”after rising from the many challenges I encountered here when I came newly. I want to be happy rest of my life and I wish my fans the same.


4.       Music is said to be universal, but checks showed you put your music on hold for sometime upon your arrival in Norway. Was it deliberate and why?


I couldn’t help it. It was en entirely new environment for me. I had no network or contacts, and no Job. The language was different. I had to start a language school to learn the language. Also the people around me did not believe in my talent. I knew I could earn a living from my music but I did not get any meaningful support from anyone, so I had to put my music on hold.


5.       What were the challenges you encountered trying to push your music in Norway?


My one greatest challenge was the people around me. Like I said earlier, they devalued my talent. To them I was wasting my time doing music and so they tried different ways to stop me. It was very frustrating but I kept my dream alive within me. I knew that music will save me one day. All those years I spent not making music were dark years of my life, but I also learnt how to survive on my own in my new society without the help of anyone. I can boldly say that my Rise today and the opportunities I have came from God and God alone, including Norway’s Got Talent.


6.       What brand of music do you play and how acceptable is your music in Norway now.


I make more than Music. For me, it is all about Ideas. Therefore, I make Ideas or you can call it concepts and from that, I make my Music.

“Grow Old With You” came from the idea that people should pay more attention to making there relationships and marriages last for their lifetimes rather than quitting easily on their partners, except in situations where it cannot be helped.

“Okro Soup” came from the Idea that no matter what part of the globe life takes us, we will still miss a part of our home.

“I love my baby” expresses the sacrifice that comes with parenting. Most parents are willing to make big sacrifices for their kids.


But usually, my genre is Dancehall and afrobeat. Right now my music is gaining wide acceptance in Norway. They love my beat and energy. People here want to be happy and entertained and I give them just that. They all love my HAPPY music.


7.       What are your plans for the prize money if you eventually win the $60,000?


I love kids a lot so my life dream is to help less privileged kids. I want to give abandoned and unwanted kids a good life. I will grow old seeing the many children I have given a life. This is my life Dream, and I want to use the prize money on this project.


I am calling on all Nigerians to vote for me on Friday May 12 . You can vote by going to the site . And voting must be from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. you can find instruction about how to vote on my facebook page .

Meanwhile, you can follow Appyday on Instagram, twitter and facebook @iamappyday

You can also download Appyday’s “Okro soup” on MTN ring tone, simply text 1768182 to 4100. Costs just N20 for one week or 0768182 to 4100, costs N50 for 1 month.

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