Hon Oladimeji(Hon jah jah ) was born in the 80’s in iju area of Ado-odo local government.
Oladimeji is a community development advocate and leader,lover of youths development and Empowerment programs admist hardship and hustling, Hon jah jah has survived all odds to become a success story.
“My name is Oladimeji Bakare (Jah Jah)… am a young black man, I just had a dream to just be successful in life without being ritualistic, I had a dream of growing up against all negativity of people that thought I couldn’t make it in life…. I want to inspire the young ones and people that there is no limitation to success.
Our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a LEADER 🙏. I used the little money I got for GENEROSITY & MOTIVATION since am not rich yet
The collapsed government primary school building reconstruction work by Almighty allah through me is one of my greatest joy.”
Oladimeji has been an industrialist and a philanthropist ever since his days in tertiary institution and up till now, he has assisted many students,gave employment and created employment opportunities.
This is what has ignite a story passion to him to give back to the society through youth development programs to inspire them and render humanitarian services to the society at large.
He attended Emmanuel Montessori nursery and primary school and also St.Michaels primary school in Ota.He proceeded to Iganmode grammar school,oju ore ota in the year 1999.He proceeded to Moshood Abiola polythecnic(Mapoly) in Ogun State where he studied building technology between 2006 to 2008.After his OND,he immediately relocated to Ota and started apprenticeship with Stanley Aluminium company,Oju ore ota.
He later went back for his HND in Moshood Abiola polythecnic and graduated in 2012/2013.He is the founder and chairperson of BAKLAD constructions and Aluminium Company, an organization that has constructed so many buildings in Ota,Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole.
Oladimeji is married and blessed with kids.

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