Badmus Aakinwale whose stage name is “ B’you” is one of the fastest rising Nigerian music artists. He is probably one of the well-known musicians having been born in

Lagos , Nigeria. Most people are familiar with his groundbreaking music styles as well as his inspiring stage performance. However, you may be one of the people who are not familiar with some facts about this fast rising Nigerian musician. 

1. He graduated as a purchasing and supply student at the polytechnic of Ibadan
2. He once worked as a civil servant at the state hospital Otta Ogun State. 
3. He’s the first child  in a family of four 
4. Aside from music he’s a big time Business man that took over a business started by his mother. (Supplying whole sales products to small retailers). And he owns a distribution company. 
5. He has travelled to 3 different countries including Malaysia. 
6. He’s a semi married man. 
7. He’s a script writer and has started is musical career since 2003. 
8. He recorded his first studio song “gbadun the way” in 2006. 
9. He has worked with different top Nigeria producers including “Obodo” that produced one of his hit and most trending song” Shodamo” 

10. He’s the first artist to be signed under a record label own by himself “Expensive Records”. And he’s ready to accept any contractual deal and endorsement from any company.


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